Saturday, December 15, 2012

TSG Sinners Hunt *Wrath* Update 01/04/2013

Just an update. Things are going very well so far with the hunt and proceeding very smoothly.   Did a basic run through with a friend of mine this morning and found it all in order. The merchants of the TSG just rock that much.

The hunt items will be going out to the merchants on Jan 4, oh wait that is tomorrow, i better get moving on that one oops. and we will be all good.

Have some awesome news to report. I have had a very good response to the Hunt and am awaiting a few people to confirm, we have also been added to the listing for which is awesome news.

So here is who we have so far:

A and S Visions
AngelRED Couture
Blackeri (also a new member of TSG)
Brick a Brack
Ceddy's Boutique
Dekute Dekor
Demotik(New member of TSG)
Eklectic Twist
Elegant Goth
Hearth & Home ~Gypsy Wares~
Indigo Oddities
@->~Inspired Designs~<-@
.::IM CaPPeD::. Main Store
Lil Juju
Les sucreries de Fairy
M Inc.
:{MV}: :{Alternative Fashion & Decor}:
{NECROTICA} - Mainstore
Niekra's Dreams
Nudist Industries
.::ODB::. Ol' Dirty Bastard
PinkMares House
**Psych0** MAINSTORE
Red Dahlia's Boutique
Seddy's Creations
Six Feet Under
{::.Tainted Designs.::}
The Little Bat
Vero Modero
"VOOH" Designs
Willow's Magic Shop

Each store has a group joiner for TSG as well as the TSG Sinner's Hunt *Wrath* poster. which contains a group joiner and application for stores who may want to join.

Friday, December 7, 2012

TSG Sinner's Hunt *Wrath* is taking applications

Just wanted you all to know that I am taking applications for the very first Hunt The Sinister Goth has ever done.  We have decided to go with the seven deadly sins and started with Wrath.  The hunt will run from Jan 12 - Jan 31 2013. All current TSG Merchants are already in the hunt if the want, they just need to fill out the info card that is available in the nc that I will be posting in chat notices, contact Frozen, Marz or myself for a copy of the official stuff to get you all started.

Applications will be accepted through Dec 31, 2012 and I am hoping we get a whole bunch of you in the hunt as well as some new people. If you are not currently a merchant in TSG and would like to partipate, please fill out the info card and send back to one of us and if you are accepted we will contact you within a few days.