Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Sinister Goth is founded on marketing "the little guy".
If you are a just starting out shop and you need a marketing group then come to us. 
We are always growing and looking for new shops to be apart of the family we have proudly started.

Don't let the Name fool you. Even if your shop isn't considered to be goth don't over look us.
We allow all shops that have the drive and determination to be noticed. 
As shop owners ourselves we know how hard it is to become "the next big thing".

Most of our shops are SL's well kept secret. So if you want to apart of an ever growing community.
Just fill out the application and lets see what you have in store.
The applications are found on this blog. 

** Certain criteria does apply the following:**
  • The quality of the product has to be either Good or Excellent {no horrid textures slapped on mesh, etc.  you know what we mean...} 
  • The minimum of products is 15.

The Sinister Goth's Owners:

Marzana Rage {MarzanaRage Resident}

Jenna Rage  {Jenna Wasp}

Frozen Rage