Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Face in the Mirror Hunt Prize For TSG Vanity Hunt

This Portrait is far from mediocre.
Creator Theo
owner of 
brings a interesting flavor to his portraits.
( This is Adult Content )
This is his gift for the TSG vanity hunt. 
The Stop is store number 42 Prometheus' Fire Art gallery

My Face in the Mirror

Sinister Goth Vanity Hunt ~ Bad Fox Designs Gift

What does Vanity Mean :
Excessive pride in or admiration of one's own appearance or achievements.

This Dress is definitely the True Definition of Vanity.
Bad Fox Design's Creator
Rockel Chaos 
really put pride in this unique gown!
Here is Vanity

Gown includes:

Mesh Dress L-XXS
Vanity Full Skirt
Vanity Broken Chest piece option
 Vanity Broken pelvis piece option
Vanity Skirt
Vanity Skirt With Train
Pumps w/ skin color hud
Finger Nails w/resizer
Vanity Eye Shadow
Vanity Hair Adornment

Sunday, March 2, 2014


It is time once again for the TSG Sinner's Hunt. April 1 - 30.  The theme this time around (if you hadn't already guessed) is Vanity.  Merchants please follow this link for the application to get into the hunt. We look forward to all our returning merchants and the many new ones that will be joining us and seeing what innovative things you all come up with.  Also here is the link to leave you HINT if you are a merchant. 

Just a few more days to go and we will begin. We are getting the final stuff done and the hunt boxes will be out to the merchants within the next couple of days . 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Pixy Stix shows you the world!

Hey there my lovely little gothlings!
Today I bring you a lovely little hunt prize from Pixy Stix.

This lovely item is the hunt prize from Pixy Stix for The Enchanted Rockabilly Hunt.
It features a skimpy little outfit with a pair of panties a set of pasties and a tiger striping tattoo,
As well as a beautiful skin in a lovely cinnamon color with red lipstick.

This item comes with appliers for Lola Tangos and Lola Mirage for both the skin and the clothes.
As well as clothing appliers for Brazillia and Phat Azz.
And skin appliers for Loud Mouth.
It's a lovely number and really represents it's namesake very well.

Additional Credits for non-TSG members:
Eyes are ND/MD Cat Eyes
Mesh Breasts are Lolas ::: Tango :::

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Death Row Designs Creature Apocalypse

Hey there Gothlings.
Happy New Year!
Today your favorite Sinister Blogger brings you a bunch of items to ring in the new year.
These are a bunch of items from a bunch of our merchants including,

In this post I've got Creature legs - eternal Darkness,
One of the rare items from the Creature Gatcha at Death Row Designs.
As well as Female - armor bluemetal, Also Available from Death Row Designs.
Also Spine Centipede, Another one of Death Row Designs nifty little products.
And Post apocalyptic Nerd - neckwrap - red, Yet another item from Death Row Designs.
That Covers the clothing items used in this post of course 
I also added a generic thong and pasties so as not to show nudity.

As far as Hair goes I chose Delirium - Bloody White,
A hair that was released for the Halloween Massacre at Alice Project,
it is still Available at main store for 50 Linden.
The skin is ::Gabriella:: Scaled,
A former Midnight Mania board item from ~PixyStix~,
The specific skin in this post is no longer available but the Gabriella style is still available in Store.

Lastly These pictures were taken with a prop from .::[Angelic Designs]::.,
A lovely little item called [Dead of Night] Wrecked Car.
That features a multi-pose system with eight different poses,
two different Zombies, a dead body, and flames with local lighting.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sweet Charity with a Gothic Twist

Hey Gothlings.
It's me again Addey Jane bringing you something from one of our newest member stores.
This is a lovely outfit from Bad Fox Designs.

So without further ado I present Sweet Charity.

This outfit comes with everything you'd need for a seductive school girl.
Including a skirt in full mesh and shirt in full mesh, a backpack,
 a tie, thigh high stockings, black heels, jewelery, and matching underwear.
From what I have seen this attention to detail is typical of Bad Fox Designs.
Which is refreshing in an era where it seems that many are just mass producing templated items.

Also included in this post is a recent public MM board item from Alice Project.
Bethany Infinity for those of you not familiar with Alice Project hairs 
an Infinity means it can be redyed over and over with a proper Alice Project HUD.
For this photo I used an anime minipack HUD and made it white with blue streaks.

Also the eyes and skin and Glasses come from our TSG merchants
The Glasses are {VRD} Key Glasses from Venomous rage designs and feature 
a color change menu so that you can make them any color you want.
Those lovely blue eyes are from a merchant we all know is known for their eyes .::IM CaPPeD::.
And lastly that exquisite skin is from our skin merchant who sweats all the details ~PixyStix~.
It is part of a line that even the owner has admitted to being her favorite ::Penelope:: 02 Vanilla Custard.