Friday, October 26, 2012

{VRD} has done it again

Modeled by Marzana Rage 
As always new stuff has emerged from the depths of {VRD} to tantalize and tease you all. First we have some new shirts that are unisex and look great.

Modeled by Frozen Rage

Modeled by Frozen Rage

Some great accessories also unisex, mesh and great with anything. sunglasses in 4 different themes. Take a look and see what you like. 
Modeled by Frozen Rage

Modeled by Frozen Rage
Modeled by Frozen Rage

Two new piercings are up and ready for sale. As always craftmanship is the best and great attention to detail is apparent in each piercing. Also one finally accessory that goes great for both boys and girls, the Spiked Flame Bracers. They are resizeable so they will fit just about anyone. 

Modeled by Frozen Rage 

Modeled by Frozen Rage 
Modeled by Jenna Rage

Sunday, October 21, 2012

[SP] Spider Productions Comes Home to the TSG

Hey everyone. I was sitting there the other day and I see someone pop up in TSG Chat saying they wanted to talk to someone about getting into the group as a sponsor. I contacted him and it ends up being a long lost original memeber. So please welcome back to TSG [SP] Spider Productions. Just in time for Halloween they are just releasing today a wonderful avatar that you just have to see. The Wicked Pumpkin King is AMAZING. 

Comes with a full AO, mesh and sculpts used through out, the head has been  worked so that during either voice chat or text chat the mouth moves and a the ability to hold the head and an individual animation that removes and puts the head back on. And you are able to still walk around while holding the head. I wore this around on my duties today and had a great time. all features including flames are very easy to turn on and off and the instructions card is easy as pie to understand.

please visit the store inworld at
or marketplace

Friday, October 19, 2012

A Challenge to the TSG Designers.

So I had this great idea today, and it probably isn't original but I wanted to give it a try. I created an alt today that will be specifically created from TSG Designers. So what I need you all to do is friend her and then send her your new stuff or pics of your new stuff and she will blog about them on the TSG blog. What do you think? Wanna help out?  So please send all new items or pics to tsgbloggirl Resident and shoot her a friends request. Lets see about getting her out of the sad noob state she is currently in and see how she changes over the next few months. I will probaly start her off with some MM boards and go from there.

If you have a group that  you need her to be in by all means send her an invite.  She will pick 3 - 5 designers a week.

I am an alt for the current blogger Jenna Rage.

tsgbloggirl Resident

Being that I just couldn't stand to see her in the noob stuff I had to get her started, unfortunately not in TSG stuff but it will change .

Bodyshape, skin and outfit, eyes  all  .::DELISH::. from mp 1L

Hair- something Jenna had in her inventory that was trans so she sent it over,

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Death Row Designs October Releases

The releases this month for Death Row Designs are the perfect thing for any given Halloween party or event that you may be going to this month. Here I have just a sampling of what she has in her store. Each one is a full avatar including outfit, hair, body shape, skin and the ever elusive shoes. She has included both female and male avatars so everyone is covered. These are incredible and I have already worn a few for the events I have gone to and worked at in the last couple of weeks. All parts are resizeable so you if you want to use them on your own avi that can be done as well. 


DRDOLL Dementia

DRDOLL Hexorcist