Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Dolly Box

The Dolly Box has been a love and a passion for me for a very long time. As we entered into our third year here in SL back in January, I began to reflect upon all the changes that we have gone through over the years.
Our Humble Beginnings
We had very humble begins.  An idea was sparked and a building was built. The land was acquired and I remember the day we first set her into her digital foundations, never knowing how long she would be open or if we would even attract customers. The original idea was to make a club that everyone could hang out at and enjoy.  We also wanted to gear it toward the dollies of sl and people who love them. We, Trixter Swordthain and myself, both having a love for steampunk and gearworks, decided to go with that theme.  The first incarnation was a gentleman’s club, very Victorian and proper, where one could come to enjoy a drink and watch the pretty dollies dance for you. We also originally attempted to have escorts, lap dances and all the other stuff you find in some clubs in sl, but for some reason that never really worked out for us. It became apparent after the first few months that it was more about the conversations and the people we met and would eventually become friends with, than all of the fluff and glitter.

One of the remakes
Our first redesign happened about 6 months after opening. We had some regular customers that we had become friends with and we also realized that our goals had changed.  We went into the club business, not for the Linden, because really there isn’t much in it, but for the love of meeting people and great music. At this point we only actually had one event a week and it was usually pretty busy on those nights. There were times when it was just me and Trix. Eventually I became interested in learning how to DJ and we added another event per week.  As the months went by, we had many dancers come through our doors. Each of their times were brief but fun and we now have many great friends because of it.

Fast forward about a year and in July of 2011, in a month of a great many changes in rl and sl, I offered to take over the sole ownership of the club from Trix. I made him an offer and as of July 23, 2011 I became the proud owner of The Dolly Box and all that comes with it.

Our latest incarnation
With this came the realization that I was going to need some help. Our maid Yasha “dusta dusta” Kadan who had been through thick and thin and the transition, was asked to become a manager at the club.  We went forward, hired on more DJ’s and dancers and added more events a week.  We had become known in the dolly community as a great place to hang out, had people visiting all hours of the day and night. We participated in a few hunts and were the starting point for the then, very new hunt called “No Strings Attached” which I was an organizer for on top of everything else.
During this time I was also learning how to be a better DJ and improve my skills, musical genre choices for my music and most importantly, reading the crowd. I eventually started taking on more gigs outside of the club to help fund the events at the club.
chilling at the club after a best in red set
So after several reworks of the club, inspired by too much coffee and sheer boredom (we’ve all been there, you know you have) at 3am. The Dolly Box has come a very long way from its beginnings and now is my pride and joy. I love it, I hate it, and it is my passion.

Who knows what is in store for us in the future. That remains to be seen.  We have come so far, and just in the last few months, we have grown by leaps and bounds. It has been rather mind boggling. I must give credit to my wonderful hard working staff who I have no word to say truly how much I appreciate you.

Current Staff:
 Owner: Jenna Rage
Managers: Frozen Rage, Yasha-Kadan Rage, Kittie Oxidor
 DJ’s: Jenna Rage, Frozen Rage, Kitty Oxidor, Marzana Rage
Hostess: MitsukiShadow, LuBear, Tali Aensland
Dancers: Cyan, Cali, Marzana Rage, Themis, Drusilla Dethly, nelli
Former Employees: đʆ ĜяéϮą Ün Garbo eĎ, June Faramore, Rosey Keyhole, Sherri  Zuerra, Axiom Serenity, Gwen Umino, Equinox Vee Quander ,  Jamiee Daines, Kyrie Kiranov, Mari Swordthain, Debbie Ronas, Bunny Frakture, Cy Whitfield, Cali Catnip, and so many others it is hard to keep track.  I do apologize if I forgot someone.