Friday, November 1, 2013

TSG Sinner's Hunt:Greed Stores and Hints.

This is what you will be looking for a wad of cash. 

1. HORRIBAUBLES ~ It all starts at the business "end" of the beast.

2. DemotiK ~  When you lose money think of the first 3 places you'd search.

3. Get Frocked ~ Don't be greedy with the perfume.

4. Palais ~ Come On Baby Light My Fire, Purple Roses & Wet Desire.

5.Kabuki Creations ~  Don't get WET looking for me (upper floor, main sections only)

6. Pretty Kitty ~  Man This MP3 Player Sure did Cost Alot! It's okay though Now I have a back up

7. LnL Square ~  Click the red "i" (hint giver) by the hunt posters for an updated hint!

8. Siren ~ Trapped by the need to have. Are you saved or enslaved? These will see no sleep or rest.

9. ^Wicked Sin Creations^  ~ I am cursed with other sins.

10. Kita's Sideshow ~ Dry those tears!

11. Shame Me Designs ~ Just another Manic Monday

12. DeKute Dekore  ~ Read a good BOOK lately? In CASE not you should try a really Dark one!

13. ~PixyStix~  ~ 'Just like a Vegas machine, I keep playing and playing until I get what I want...or don't want...'

14. *Bad Juju*  ~ Is that calamri?

15. Ceddy's Boutique  ~ After all that hunting, find Joslyn outside the cafe,  take a seat, grab a treat and find       me near your feet.

16.  Goth1c0 ~ "Is that blood on the floor?" - Santo asked to Demon.

17. Ro!Act Designs ~ Hanging in a Haunted Creepy Tree


19. Denise Beck Creation ~ Please skip this store

20. The Artist's Loft  ~ The gift should be safe in it's hiding place

21.  Cyrious ~ Well that was a bright idea.

22.  @->~ISD ~ The color of greed and the color of money go hand in hand amongst the rest. Give until it          hurts.

23.  No Salvation Designs ~ I have no head and a tail I lack. But I do have arms, legs and a back

24. Sexy Look ~ Look for the skeleton he took the money

25. Seddy's Creations  ~ Are you feeling blue?

26. .::IM CaPPeD::.  ~  #1 All it takes is a little determination!
                                     #2 It's high time you got informed!
                                     #3 Hay!  What're you doing over there?!

27. Oddity ~ Follow your tangos.

28.  The Elegant Goth ~ It's outside, but it's inside. You'll die for a better hint.

29.  St@sis ~ When they turn on the juice, you get one hell of a jolt!

30.  :{MV}: ~ Check the Hint Giver in the Lobby

31. .:Pixel Snobs:. - please skip this store.

32.  PANDEMONIUM ~ Money doesn't grow on trees, but it sure does slip through your fingers...

33. AFtershok ~ Oh deer, dear ! ? Gacha :)

34. Timeless Textures ~ It would be a DEADLY SIN to miss the GOTHIC & DECAY section of the store.

35. Riel -  Lose your head.

36. ToXiC HiGh  ~ Wear lingerie for your love one, and you will get the wad of money.

37. Gothic Desires ~ Don't look under the table. Nothing there is for you

38. Sour Pickles ~ Check the hint giver

39. Six Feet Under ~ Have a cold one!

40. {REVERIE} ~ Better find it quick before you're out of time...

41. DoggMata ~ Do you have a poker hand?  Gambling and being Greedy, may find you falling into a Gothic wonderland!

42. The Little Bat  ~ Let's pull up the anchor and sail away!

43. Brick-a-Brack ~ Well now I've got myself into a tight squeeze.

44. Beyond the Dark ~ Dressed for success, and bidding my time, In the darkness I wait for the moment to sprung, and take what was left behind.

45. Brain Circuit, Inc. ~ Money Grip

46. LaNoir Soleil ~  A Sailing We will Go....

47. Les Sucreries de Fairy ~  I love Tim Burton.

48. Pixel Box ~ look around and you will see, the wonderfulness that is the Money.

49. .::ODB::. Ol' Dirty Bastards ~ Hey, Dirty, baby I got your money. Don't you worry.

50. Niekra's Dreams ~ Fishy Fishy glub glub

51. ~*Souzou Eien*~ ~ People often forget to look here because they always focus on what's under their feet.

52. WickedNight - Nerdy Needs ~ Underneath, where sin lives.

53. Venomous Rage Designs ~ Five  Boxes.  Go forth and find.

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  1. I am really impressed. I love how you combined the store names, their SL slurls, their hints and hunt prize pics all on one easy to use blog page. Thanks.