Friday, August 23, 2013

IM CaPPedivated by these eyes

Hey Gothlings it's your favorite blogger again.
I know, I know,  your all sayin' where you been we needed our goth fix.
Well lets just say it was worth the wait.

Today I present to you some amazing eyes released by the good people at .::IM CaPPed::.
As we all know eyes are the window to the soul and these eyes are just that.

First up we have the Curios above you can see the Purple peepers.
A stunning color and honestly well used by many a drow I've seen as of late.
Purple is the color of royalty and do these eyes not look regal to you they sure do to me.
Now Below we have the Teal Me More eyes.
They are an amazingly beautiful set of blue eyes that almost seem expressive in and of themselves.
Great with any blonde haired bombshell or for just a stunning blue eyed beauty.

Last but not least we have the gorgeous Rapt - Ferrum.
These are not part of the Curio group and thus have a 
different ascetic but they are still nonetheless stunning.
With the subtle balances of grey and black they are 
vivid while still maintaining that dark somber tone.

All three of these eyes can be yours in world at .::IM CaPPed::.

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