Sunday, October 21, 2012

[SP] Spider Productions Comes Home to the TSG

Hey everyone. I was sitting there the other day and I see someone pop up in TSG Chat saying they wanted to talk to someone about getting into the group as a sponsor. I contacted him and it ends up being a long lost original memeber. So please welcome back to TSG [SP] Spider Productions. Just in time for Halloween they are just releasing today a wonderful avatar that you just have to see. The Wicked Pumpkin King is AMAZING. 

Comes with a full AO, mesh and sculpts used through out, the head has been  worked so that during either voice chat or text chat the mouth moves and a the ability to hold the head and an individual animation that removes and puts the head back on. And you are able to still walk around while holding the head. I wore this around on my duties today and had a great time. all features including flames are very easy to turn on and off and the instructions card is easy as pie to understand.

please visit the store inworld at
or marketplace

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